Hi all, I have a kid name Sherwin, he is 4 yrs old who love to play a lot and love sports.. I make him do what all he want to do but yes I make him do his school work for at least 15 min and teach him to stay calm and be positive with everyone.

These kids are so small and cute Lil flowers who must bloom as they want. I don’t know why people put pressure on such Lil kids to study or start modeling, go to different learning classes. On this I have a question ” Kya humare time pe bhi humare parents ne itna pressure daala tha hum pe”??

This pressure are the only reason why now a days such small kids get angry so early, short temper, egoistic etc… This only make them become a bad kid in their future life coz every one teach their kids to fights back to those who fight with you… And yes this thought is given to kids at their early age of 2 or 3 years which they remember for life long. I m o denying that this is wrong in our society but yes instead of this we can teach them to sort out their problems politely without any anger or temper. This nature of ego, shot temper will just provide them negativity nothing else.

It’s not just about these lil kids but it is also about bigger kids who r in 12 class or college. I have seen many people who preasurise there thoughts or their future benefits on their kids. My question is that ‘Is it important to induce our negative or noncence thoughts or your future sicurity on our kids.. our these thoughts create a fear factor in the heart of kids.

This fear factor can send our children in worst conditions like —

– sucide

– fights

– gundas

– disrespect others etc.

These kids are our future. If we will provide them positive character then it is sure that they will take our world on the right path this will reduce many dirty things going in our country. So it’s my humble request to all parents to plz provide a positive nature in kids

Thank you, love you all

Sorry to everyone if I said somthing wrong in my blog but this is just my thinking…


Sote sote reh jaoge…

Jagte jagte jag Paoge…

Sote sote reh jaoge..

Jagte jagte jag Paoge…

Jagoge to jag janega…

Sote rahoge to kaun manega….

La la lalala la la la lala -2

Jago Jago beta Jago….

In ankon se jag ko jano…

To be continued……


Hi, to my blog family. This is my first blog… I was really scared if i will b able to put my thoughts correctly on this page or not…  But i am being Positive and writing it down.

Being Positive is not just 2 words, they can change our whole life… If we trust ourself and confidentially feel that we can be positive then we will find everyone nearby us are giving positive vibes.. it’s just about our thoughts..

I know everyone have a person in a family or office or friend circle whom we don’t like but yes if we will show a positive attitude to them then ‘shayad’ they also change and be positive towards you.

How to be Positive???

Say I can insted of I can’t

Smile more

Be optimistic

Remember you are incharge

Be nice to everyone

Be thank full

Forget about regrets

I am a house wife and I am thankfull to god for everything he gave to me whether it is  good or bad.. I ma happy and positive

Thank you

Love u all